Customer Testimonials

About 4 years ago, I walked into Knot Awl Beads looking for a repair to be made on a necklace. The job was done fantastically. The women working in the shop were a lot of fun and full of creative ideas. I returned to take class, made my first necklace and was HOOKED! For the first couple of years after that, if anyone was looking for me, they'd know where to find me!! I prefer to work at the store, rather than at home. The creative juices flow better with all the input (only if you ask for it). I've found a new and exciting outlet and whole bunch of new friends. Thanks girls!"

~ Lucy Lapides

I have been taking classes at Knot Awl Beads for the past three winters. Renee has been a great instructor. I have learned a wide range of jewelry making skills from metal working to wire wrapping to a number of different beading techniques. I miss all of the staff and jewelry making techniques when I head back up north. Knot Awl Beads is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon."

~ Phyllis Reed-Halloran

I've learned more from my three months of lessons at Knot Awl Beads than I have in years anywhere else! I'm already planning next year's lessons."

~ Carol Gardner